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Shadows of a Lie

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Why transparency is imperative in solar

Every burgeoning industry is akin to the Wild West. And the solar energy industry is no different, with its own version of western tropes - cowboys, drifters, lawmen, barons, settlers, and townsfolk. However, perhaps the most destructive trope in the West and in solar is the snake oil salesman.

Now, if you've been in solar energy long enough, you are all too familiar with this character. It could come in the form of a company or a person, but an entity that has built its entire foundation on misleading proposals and impossible benefits. Their efforts, if we could even call them that, leave a bad taste in the mouth of bad clients, staining not only the concept of solar but all within the industry.

This is a real issue! The consumer space is justifiably jaded. And there is only one way to combat this virus: HONESTY. It may read as a banal platitude, but the truth, like a reliable horse in the West, can take you very far.

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